Pastor Emily Trubey-Weller

Pastor Emily Trubey-Weller

Meet Pastor Emily!

Please Welcome Emily Trubey-Weller, Pastor of Families!

The following is a message from Pastor Emily.

Hello First United Methodist Church!

I am Pastor Emily and I am very excited to begin as your new Pastor of Families in August 2020.

I am ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), a denomination that is full communion partners with the United Methodist Church. (That means we’re pals, and can share pastors and worship together and other good stuff.) My husband, our son Felix (2 in October), and I recently moved to South Bend from Hicksville, NY (Long Island) where I served for five years as pastor of St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church. I had a wonderful experience in that congregation and learned so much. Prior to my time in Hicksville, I had a one year internship at Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan, the final year of my seminary studies with Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA. I’ve served in outdoor ministry and campus ministry at various times too.

After studying on the west coast and serving on the east coast, our move to South Bend has completed an 11 year journey back to my roots. My husband and I both graduated from Valparaiso University, and I grew up in western Ohio with family scattered across northern Ohio and Indiana. It feels great to be back and we are enjoying getting to know our new city. Dan has continued working remotely for his NY tech job, while also starting a new career in farming. Being close to family and friends during these transitions has been great!

I am very passionate about ministry to and with the youngest members of the church. I love the energy and creativity it takes and so appreciate the gifts they bring. I find the challenges the church faces today exciting, and look forward to finding new ways to share the Good News of God’s love with the people of First United Methodist Church! I can’t wait to meet you all soon!

Pastor Emily with her husband, Dan & son, Felix.

Peace and blessings,
Pastor Emily Trubey-Weller

Director of Music
Emorja Roberson
Senior Pastor
Reverend Matt Landry