Next Steps (Membership)

Next Steps (Membership)

Join us in membership.

As a United Methodist congregation, membership is not required to participate in ministries, mission or community. Members and non-members alike are full and active participants in the breadth and depth of the mission and the community at First United Methodist Church.

With that said, we do believe that membership is a promise in which individuals and the congregation come together to invest our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. We seek to create a community where God’s love changes people and God’s people change the world.

Joining First United Methodist Church

We want to make joining First United Methodist Church relaxed, welcoming, and rewarding. The process of commitment to our Church is simple:

  1. Attend the Inquirer’s Class session (where you’ll learn about Methodist beliefs and be able to ask lots of questions) and
  2. Make a formal commitment to continue your faith journey at the First Church during a worship service.

We look forward to walking alongside you, whatever your next steps might be.

If you’re ready to become a member, please email the Church Office or call 574-233-9463.