Join us at a Class or a Group.

First Church has a variety of classes, Bible studies and small working groups. And, there’s always an opportunity to start something new. Children, along with youth leaders and teachers are always invited and needed. 🙂

Plug in any time! Simply visit the class, e-mail the Church office,  or call 574-233-9463 to find out how to get involved.

Sunday School Classes

Classes start at: 10 am each Sunday.

Location: Adult Sunday School classes are in our Parlor on the second floor of our Christian Education wing.  Elevators are available from the church parking lot entrance.

Nursery Playtime

We offer a safe, professionally staffed nursery care room for infants, toddlers and youngsters. Led by our loving staff and congregation volunteers; toys, music and activities abound. Children have a chance to play, socialize and hear that “Jesus Loves Me.

Adult Sunday School

The Means of Grace Class – (Adults/Young Adults-GPLN 2nd floor Sunday School Building.) Throughout the centuries, Christians have discovered spiritual practices that have helped them know God. John Wesley called these practices means of grace – means by which we experience God’s gra

ce. Wesley’s classes supported members in using these spiritual practices and in deepening their faith and practice. The Spiritual Growth Committee will be offering an opportunity to help implement some spiritual practices/disciplines, using the Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide.

Faith Quest Class – this adult class reads a book and shares thoughts and ideas.

Disciple Bible Study – this adult group meets during the week, seriously exploring the Bible and how it applies to today. Using the most up-to-date scholarship, this excellent study has been called “the best Bible study available today” by the Rev. Dr. Peter Gomes, late Chaplain at Harvard University, as he writes about it in his book on the Bible, called The Good Book.

Please get involved! We welcome you! To learn more and/or participate, email the Church Office at or call 574-233-9463. We will connect you with the class leader and help you get going!

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