Bright Love – Shining a Light on Stewardship

Bright Love – Shining a Light on Stewardship

We shine God’s love. “Bright love” has been lovingly given by the congregation of First Church through ministries and connections to the South Bend community since 1831.  That’s 189 years. And counting!

The good stewardship of our financial resources allows our past & future service. 

Please join in continued love and committment to our community by providing your pledge of financial support for 2021. 

The church operations and the wonderful ministries that First United Methodist Church are dependent on the generosity of God’s people. You!

First Church will continue providing our Bright Love to members of our community through ministry and service.

Your gifts of time, talent and treasure are spent on all aspects of our worship, outreach, and community support and engagement. Together we have helped, in ways both large and small, the lives of the people both within and beyond the walls of this church. Through the community nurtured by your gifts, we have equipped and empowered countless individuals and families. Thank you.

Messages from our church leaders.

Why do you give?
In gratitude. In support. In love. In light.

Our congregation serves in Jesus’ name in many different ways. What’s your favorite? See the 2018 video on Youtube to see what others chose as their fav’s.

Learn more about First Church’s wonderful Ministries starting on this web page.

Here are a few #’s showing the impact of First Church’s outreach in 2020 so far…
  • Food Pantry:  6,630 visitors served.
  • Upper Room Recovery Community: 74 men and 32 women.
  • Soup Kitchen: 5,671 visitors fed. With 27,620 servings of soup & sides provided.
  • Heart & Sew: 25 quilts to those feeling unwell. 300 pairs of mittens to school children with cold little hands. 51 pillow cases for the Upper Room residents and others.
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) & Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Many, many groups provided space for their meetings.
Learn more about what’s been happening in 2020 – a challenging year… to say the least:
  • The First Church Food Pantry – how to run a pantry during a Pandemic. (Video)
  • The Upper Room Recovery Community – how they’re promoting mental & physical health during the time of Coronavirus. (Video)
  • The Downtown Soup Kitchen – how a crew is providing good food during Covid-19. (Video)
  • Heart & Sew, with special support to Madison Elementary School – Masking up & more. (Video)
We have a history of serving our community!

Read more (click this link) regarding our church’s LONG AGO support for our community.  A hospital, a library & more.  There are cool facts here, as well.

Hey Hey! We have identified NEW & unmet needs in our community.

See video.

We want to help families and our community Watch this video to learn about a few of OUR NEW !!!  intiatives to serve in 2021.

Read this newsletter to learn a bit about things we’re doing now for families. And, please prayerfully consider your pledge.  Click here Pastor Emily and the:  BRIGHT LOVE for Families Video.

How to Submit Your Pledge for 2021 Giving

Please provide your commitment by November 15, 2020.

  1. Print this pledge form (pdf) and mail it in to First Church.  OR
  2. Send an email to:  (your information is confidential)  OR
  3. Use the pledge form that was mailed to members and attendees.

Why is returning a message of commitment important?  By completing and returning a commitment form or sending a message to the director of finance you are expressing your intent and affirming your desire to give thanks and honor God with your resources. Returning your commitment form makes it possible for ourchurch to plan and implement ministries without hesitation. Knowing your plans allows wise management of resources throughout the year.

Ways to Give

Online – You can submit online offering through PayPal is easy. No more checks to write and you may change your giving amount at any time.  Do you wish to donate to a specific mission or project of the church? Please make a note in the “Special Instructions” area of the donation area. Soup Kitchen, Heart & Sew, Upper Room and/or Food Pantry, etc.

Anyone can give through PayPal, attendees, members and anoyone wishing to donate to First Church or a ministry. You may securely use your credit card or a debit card. Give online here.

Worship Services – Give by cash or check during any of our worship services.  If you give cash and would like it to be reflected on your year-end giving statement, please use an offering envelope.

By Mail – You may mail your tithes and offerings our church Financial Manager, LouAnne Wilson, 333 N. Main Street, South Bend, IN. 46601. Checks may be made payable to First United Methodist Church.

Memorials & Endowments – Financial gifts may be given to First Church anytime in memory or in honor of a loved one.

Thank you for your generosity! Thank you for your BRIGHT LOVE!
Please submit your pledge of support for 2021 activities today!