Posts from October 2018

Posts from October 2018

Wanted: Soup Kitchen Volunteers

The Downtown Soup Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has a mission to provide sustenance, companionship and hope for those in need. The Soup Kitchen provides meals at no cost to guests and is sustained by committed, compassionate volunteers (we need more!) and by the generous contributions of donors. For more information about the Downtown Soup Kitchen,…

Wanted: Singers & Ringers

It’s musical. It’s fun. Singers and Ringers are needed! The church seeks singers and ringers for the Sanctuary Choir and Hand Bell Choir. All people, regardless of music experience or faith background, are invited to take part. Contact Ben for more information at

Volunteers needed for Altar Guild

We need you! The Altar Guild is looking for more volunteers to change altar clothes at various times during the calendar year for the Sanctuary and Chapel. We have calendars explaining the colors necessary for a given year.   Green indicates GROWTH, which is the longest season Purple is for LENT, in the spring Blue for ADVENT, in December in the sanctuary, Purple for…