Black History Month – A Prayer.

Black History Month – A Prayer.

A Prayer for Black History Monthby Upper Room Books

God of creation, we bow before you full of wonder, praise, and adoration. Today we pause to remember ancestors who fought and died to change the world for us and for our children. In those days of trampled darkness, you were with us. You ushered in the marvelous light – just before faith died and became a note in the sidebar of our memory journals.

We ask you to wash our tongues when we forget where we came from and are tempted to join the bandwagon of immigrant-bashing. Forgive us when we look down on one another or forget to hold each other’s hands.

We give you thanks for the teachers and leaders, friends and family – even the enemies – who have helped shape us. We thank you for the trials and tribulations that encourage us to be humble and flexible. We thank you alone for transformation. On this day, we recommit ourselves to the struggle for justice and equality – not just for the people we know, but for all who suffer oppression.



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